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Program and Budget Development





Grant Reporting

Development and Maintenance of Private Grant Management Systems

We at Elaine Morales Consulting have written a lot of grant proposals…A LOT of grant proposals and twice as many reports (you know what we’re talking about!).

We have secured at least $140 million in grant dollars for more than 45 clients over the past 28 years. 

We can create an institutional fundraising strategy and blueprint for you. We will roll up our sleeves and work with your program directors, frontline staff, senior leadership, and fiscal office to create successful proposals and grant reports that will keep them coming back. 

We get in the trenches with you…and we love it.

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“I really miss working with you.”

- Stephan, retired Executive Director

Fundraising Training and Coaching

We can provide grant writing and fundraising training for your staff and Board of Directors. Become more skilled and confident at talking about your work and asking for funding!





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Elaine Morales Consulting has secured more than $200 million in funding through public contracts for our clients over 20 years.  

This includes funding from federal agencies (Head Start, USDA, HUD, FEMA, Office of Homeland Security); New York State (Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office for the Aging, Education Department, Office of Mental Health); and New York City (DYCD, DCLA, DFTA, HRA, DOE, DOH, DOHMH – nearly every acronym in the City directory), and New York City Council Discretionary funding.  

We can project-manage the heck out of these beasts, and write thorough and compelling narratives.  We follow the rules and refer to the scorecard. We herd all the cats.  We know how to navigate those portals –, grants gateway,

We prepare government RFP responses without panic. We smile during status meetings, and we have never missed a deadline.

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“Why can’t you do all of our government grant applications, Elaine?”

– Debby, Program Director

Program Impact Dashboard (PID)

We tried to come up with a sexy name for what one of our clients said was a sexy solution, but this one cuts to the chase.

The Program Impact Dashboard is a tool and a team to track and visualize program impact data – everything from demographics to outputs to measures of impact. 

We developed this simple and cost-effective solution because everyone wants to see your data and your program outcomes, yet NO ONE WANTS TO FUND YOUR TECHNOLOGY TOOLS OR TEAM.  

The Program Impact Dashboard is not a monster database. It is user-friendly and useful.

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“Alex, this is so sexy.”


– Beth, Chief Development Officer

Strategic Visioning and

Planning Retreat

This is where we get together and imagine the best possible world and then help you define who you need to be and what you need to do – day by day, month by month, year over year – to realize your vision. 

The solution (and the money to implement it) is not “out there,” it is in you, it is held by your amazing team, it is right outside the door.  Together, we create the time and space to leverage the brilliance, the energy, and the assets of your team to create an intention and a plan for transforming the world through your work.  

We will stare at that question – Why Bother? We will meditate on it until we remember why. From there, we will create a plan of action.

Most importantly, we will identify what you need to stop doing.  Oh, we’ll go there. What is draining your energy? What is pulling your attention? Who is driving your priorities? How are you being reactive? Are you watching your mission creep? Have you gotten stuck repeating negative patterns?

We invite you to journey together to  a magical place.  Our strategic planning culminating team retreat is hosted at a physical setting that is guaranteed to open portals to fresh ideas and a vision for what is possible.

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