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We are writers, strategic thought partners, systems thinkers, coaches, and storytellers. We see the best in what you do. We understand what makes your work stand out and we communicate that – brilliantly.



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Core Beliefs

 - Radical consistency produces phenomenal results  - A goal is a place to come from, not a place to get to - Everything is figure-outable - Human connection is at the root of personal and organizational transformation, but only always -

Elaine Morales wrote her first foundation grant proposal in 1993, which she then handed to a typist, collated with paper clips, and dropped off at the US Post Office.  If 10,000 hours of practice in any discipline makes one an expert, then Elaine is a grant writing…Jedi?  She is proud to have secured over $140 million in grants with her team, supporting nonprofit heroes to launch projects from a new Early Head Start program and affordable housing residences to a crisis intervention center for transgender people of color in the Bronx and a hydroponic farm at a middle school in Brooklyn, New York.  She most enjoys her roles as strategic thought partner to nonprofit leaders and creator of transformational experiences for change-makers.  She loves this work, she loves her clients, she loves engaging fully in life.


Ashley Fairbank

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Core Beliefs

- Always ask questions.

Cultivating curiosity and gathering information and knowledge opens us up to new possibilities. - There is potential in everyone, and each person deserves a fair chance to reach theirs. - There is so much to see and explore. New experiences leave an imprint and can help you find parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. 

Ashley Fairbank has over 17 years of experience in the nonprofit grants world. In 2018, Ashley shifted her focus from managing a sponsored research fund portfolio at a major cancer research hospital in Boston to grant writing as a consultant for smaller, community-based nonprofits with Elaine Morales Consulting. Ashley is proud to have secured a multi-year USDA grant for a program providing fresh-made meal kits and produce to low-income households in New York City, which is employed by recent workforce development graduates. She most enjoys offering a customized approach to each proposal by developing a clear understanding of a client’s day-to-day work, goals, and funding needs and effectively articulating this to funders. She has vast experience with all the instructions and portals – federal, state, city, and foundation, and also enjoys removing the burden of the application process – no project is too complex for her! Ashley works with clients that are trying to make the world a better place, and loves to play a role in this work.

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Alexandra Rodriguez

Core Beliefs

- Community members are community experts
- Cultivating accessible pathways requires a commitment to

building bridges at every intersection
- Good storytelling and good listening are inextricable

Alexandra Rodriguez, Grant Writer and Consultant, is committed to leveraging her storytelling, meaning-making, and design skills to help nonprofits highlight and share their community impact. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of British Columbia, Alexandra’s interdisciplinary education is rooted in the applied theory and research of Information Studies, Visual Art, Creative Writing, Journalism, Computer Science, and English Studies. She has brought these skills and perspective to her work. She is proud to have secured nearly half a million dollars in grants since the onset of the Pandemic for small but mighty grassroots organizations serving the community through direct service, emergency basic needs assistance, and education.  Alexandra enjoys helping clients develop data-informed strategies for collecting, measuring, and sharing their organizational impact. She is particularly inspired by her work with organizations supporting education equity, resources for immigrants, and community-centered advocacy.

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Core Beliefs

- Embrace who you are, and the choice you have in that. -
- There is always a solution.
- The differences between us are what make life vibrant

Gael is a passionate and committed individual with several years of data analysis and project management experience. He seeks to support the EME team by bringing strong organizational skills and data literacy to cultivating systems, standard procedures, and tools that will help the team be as efficient and impactful in their work as possible. He is most proud of his independent learning skills and ability to fill a diverse amount of roles and functions. He most enjoys discovering a creative solution to an issue, be that within data analytics, interpersonal relations, or in his visual art practice.

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Core Beliefs

- I believe consistency produces results

(there’s no substitute for showing up and doing the work every day!)
- I believe in leading (whether a team or a project)

with transparency, honesty, and humility.
 - I believe it’s OK to make mistakes and talking about them

builds trust and helps everyone learn and grow.

Tracey has a bachelor’s degree in writing, which led her into nonprofit work through a communications internship at the Vail Symposium (Vail, CO) more than a decade ago. That internship led, eventually, to the Executive Director role at the Vail Symposium, and to a career in the nonprofit sector. Since then, Tracey has also served as Executive Director for Friends of Grand Rapids Parks (Grand Rapids, MI), Grants Manager for Emily Griffith Foundation (Denver, CO), and Development Director for Access Opportunity (Boulder, CO).  She is proud to have secured more than $3 million in grants for small nonprofit organizations working to advance workforce development and postsecondary education access for students from low-income households.  Tracey’s passion for education equity was sparked by dinner table conversations with her family, who are all public school teachers, social workers, and nonprofit leaders. Tracey believes equal access to education and career opportunities is a critical, foundational component of building a more equitable society overall.

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KRistin Sweeting

Core Beliefs

- Storytelling is the most powerful tool
- Everything is interconnected
- Efficiency and passion can overcome any challenge
There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem - 

Kristin Sweeting, a passionate storyteller and grant writer, has been serving nonprofits since 2016. With her unique background as a Museum Executive Director, she brings a creative approach to each grant proposal and has secured over 30 grants. Kristin takes pride in assisting non-profits on their storytelling journey through grants, project implementation, and design work. She believes that stories are the key to connecting humans and has played an essential role in oral history projects, exhibits, and more, resulting in better understanding within communities and increased funding. Her favorite part of the grant writing process is collaborating with non-profits to uncover hidden gems within their stories. By leveraging her keen eye for detail and storytelling skills, Kristin creates captivating grant applications that vividly convey an organization's mission.

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