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Our Past and Current Clients

Human Services
Goddard Riverside Community Center

Fountain House

Fresh Air Fund

The Legal Aid Society


Ironbound Community Corporation

Queens Community House, (formerly Forest Hills Community House)

Self-Help Community Services

Forest Hills Community House

Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement, Sunnyside Community Services

United Community Centers

School Settlement Association

The People’s Firehouse

Children’s Hope Foundation

Incarnation Children’s Center

Neighbors Together

Park Slope Christian Help

SAGE,-Queens (Senior Action in a Gay Environment)

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center

Broadway Housing Communities

Teens for Food Justice

YMCA of Greater Cleveland

Jewish Association for Services for the Aged

United Neighborhood Houses of NYC

Dominican Sisters of Amityville, Opening Word Program

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

East Harlem Churches and Community Urban Center

The Children’s Cause

Bowery Residents’ Committee

Asphalt Green

Alzheimer’s Association of New York City

Search and Care

Jackson Heights-Elmhurst Kehillah

Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center

Fund for the City of New York, Youth Development Institute

Community League of the Heights (CLOTH)

Northside Center for Child Development

New York City Anti-Violence Project

Workforce Professionals Training Institute

Xavier Mission 


Harlem School of the Arts

National Dance Institute


LUMBERYARD, American Dance Institute


The McCarton Foundation for Developmental Disabilities

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Mary McDowell Center for Learning

Manhattan Country School

Learning Leaders

The Leadership Academy

Chad Franklin

Chad Franklin, Associate Vice President for Equity in Education, Goddard Riverside Community Center

“I hold Elaine Morales in the highest esteem and my wish is for everyone to get to experience what she has to offer. She’s simply the best. Fundraising and grants management can be draining, but it is the complete opposite when working with Elaine and her team. They create the plan, hone in on what is important, give us the script, and help us get to the next level. Everyone on my team looks forward to our meetings with them. Their process is amazing and they have eliminated a LOT of stress for me. We could not excel in our work without the keen insight and strategic support from the team at Elaine Morales consulting.”


Judith Lorimer

Judith Lorimer, former Director, Options and

#DegreesNYC; current Co-Executive Director,

Rule One, a non-profit in the making.

“If asked to rate Elaine and her team on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being amazing, I would give them at least a 15. Elaine helped us raise and maintain a multimillion dollar budget for well over a dozen years and counting, while remaining mission-focused and organizationally healthy. As a program director and entrepreneur, Elaine has helped me feel grounded and confident in our ability to raise money and in our approach to strategic thinking and planning. She has taught me a massive amount about fundraising, and she has made my life richer with her deeply grounded thoughtful generous approach to life and to working with all her clients.”


Sharon Sewell-Fairman

President & CEO,

Women Creating Change  

"Elaine Morales: A visionary leader who transforms strategies into impactful results. Together, we navigated the intricate landscape of fundraising, unlocking over $2 million in support annually. Her dedication, insight, and unwavering commitment to excellence illuminate every endeavor."


"we simply couldn't do it without elaine
and her team"

chad Franklin

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